Sunday, October 20, 2013


 deco yang kurang memuaskan sebab lama tidak mendeco

 Untuk majlis makan-makan sempena majlis gathering Bani Hashim-Aminah di Kg. Pandan,
 (19/10/2013 - Sabtu).


Source from  :  magazine ( lupa nama magazinenya)
tried by  :   zaralovebaking

Cake Ingredients :

120  gm    butter
250  gm    castor sugar
 1/2  tsp    salt
    2  eggs 'Grade A'
    1  tsp    baking powder
300  gm    plain flour (sifted)
    1  tsp     bicarbonate of soda
    2  tbsp   cocoa powder (sifted)
    1  tbsp   red wilton food colouring
    1  tsp     vanilla essence
250  ml  +  1  tbsp  vinegar  (let sits for 10 minutes)

Icing Ingredients :

  250  gm     cream cheese (at room temperature)
  100  gm     butter  (at room temperature)
    80  gm     icing sugar  (sifted)
1 1/2  cups   non-dairy whipping cream (refrigerated)

9"  round cake pan (greased & lined)
1 box Fresh strawberries (or any fruits of your choice for decoration)

To prepare cake :

1.   Pre-heat oven to 180'C.
2.   Cream butter, sugar and salt until creamy.  Beat in eggs one at a time until fluffy.
3.   Fold in sifted flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda with the cocoa powder.
4.   Slowly mix in red colouring, vanilla essence and the milk mixture until just combined.
5.   Pour into prepared pan and bake in pre-heated oven for 35-45 minutes or until done.
6.   Remove and leave to cool before slicing into half.

To prepare icing :

1.   Using an electric beater with a whisk attachment, whisk the cold cream until stiff.  Set aside.
2.   Using the same beater, beat the cream cheese, butter and icing sugar until fluffy.
3.   Combine the beaten cream with the cream cheese mixture and use this to sandwich and deco the cool cake.  Decorate with fresh strawberries, chill before serving.