Thursday, April 4, 2019


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Ingredients :

200  gm  overly ripe bananas  ~  mash with a fork
145  gm  caster sugar
4  large  eggs  ~  used cold eggs
40  gm  fresh milk
1/2  tbsp.  SP/ovalette@cake stabilizer
1  tsp.  vanilla extract
160  gm  cake flour or plain flour *
3/4  tsp.  baking powder *  ( * sift together )
100  gm  corn oil
2  tbsp.  organic black chia seeds  (optional ,  I used chocolate rice)

Method :

1.  In a mixing bowl, whisk mashed bananas, sugar, eggs, milk and SP at high speed till thick (about 8 minutes).

2.  Lower speed add in vanilla extract, then slowly add in plain flour.  Stop machine and use hand whisk to mix well the batter.

3.  Lastly pour in corn oil in 3 batches and mix well again and mix in chia seeds.

4.  Pour batter into a 9-inch (lined) square cake tin or 9-inch round cake tin for a taller cake.

5.  Bake in a preheated oven at 170'C for about 1 hour or a skewer inserted into cake comes out clean.

6.  Drop the cake pan on counter top a few times to release hot air and prevent shrinkage.  Then remove cake from pan immediately and leave on wire rack to cool.

NOTES :    Place cake tin at the lowest rack in the oven and cover cake with aluminium foil if the topping is too brown after 40 minutes of baking.
Please keep in mind that all oven temperatures and baking time varies.

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