Thursday, August 21, 2014


cookbook  :   'Baking Code' -  Alex Goh

Ingredients A :

130  gm   fresh milk
  40  gm   butter
125  gm   sliced cheddar cheese  (about 6-7 pieces)

Ingredients B :

  20  gm   plain flour
  15  gm   corn flour

Ingredients C :

   2  egg   yolk

Ingredients D :

    3  egg   whites
  80  gm    caster sugar
 1/8  tsp    cream of tartar

Method :

1.   Grease and line the sides and bottom of a 18cm/7 inch round baking tin with greaseproof paper.
2.   Cook ingredients A over double boiler until the cheese melts completely.
3.   Remove from the heat.  Add in ingredients B, mix until well blended.  Add in ingredients C, mix until well combined.
4.   Whip ingredients D until stiff and add it into the above mixture, mix until well incorporated in 3 batches.
5.   Pour it into the prepared baking tin.
6.   Bake at 150'C in water bath for 50 minutes or until done.
7.   Remove it from the baking tin immediately when baked, set aside to cool.
8.   Decorate with any pie filling :  blueberry pie filling etc.

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