Sunday, September 16, 2012



source from :   book 'Fabulous Cake Business' - Alex Goh
tried by :

Ingredients A :

100  gm   milk
150  gm   cream cheese
  30  gm   plain flour
  30  gm   corn flour
    3  nos  egg yolks  (A)
  60  gm   coconut milk
    1  tsp   pandan juice or pandan emulco
few drops green colouring

Ingredients B :

   3  nos   egg whites
1/8  tsp    cream of tartar
  85 gm    sugar

Method :

1.   Grease and line the sides and bottom of an 8-inch square pan.
2.   Cook milk until it boils.  Remove from heat, add cream cheese and stir mixture over double boiler until thick.  Remove it from double boiler.
3.   Add plain flour and corn flour and mix until well combined using hand whisk.
4.   Add egg yolks then coconut milk, pandan juice, green colouring and mix until evenly blended.
5.   Meanwhile, whip the egg whites with whisk at high speed until foamy.  Add the cream of tartar and sugar and whip until soft peaks form.  Add it into the cheese mixture and mix it with rubber spatula until well incorporated to form cheese filling.  Pour onto the prepared pan.
6.   Bake in water bath at the bottom rack of the oven at 160'C for 50-60 minutes or until firm and golden brown.
7.   Remove the cake from the oven.  Unmould and let it cool completely.


  1. alahai sedapnya minum petang..jamu mata ..hihi

    terjah sini dan salam kenal =)
    follower baru ..hihi

  2. salam kenal juga dari kak pada Rania, tqvm sudi jenguk sini.