Friday, November 18, 2016


adapted from  :    Christine's Recipes...
         tried by   :    zaralovebaking ;  (rich, creamy & sooo yummy)...

Ingredients :

250  ml   milk, at room temperature
250  ml   UHT whipping cream
  60  gm   sugar
    2  tsp  gelatine powder  (about 7 gm) I use Halagel gelatine
    3  heaped teaspoon  coffee powder  (about 6 gm)
 1/8  tsp  salt
Milk chocolate bar  -  shaved, for garnish  (I use chocolate rice)
10  cherries, for garnish  (optional)

Method :

1.  Measure out 2 tablespoons of milk from the recipe and mix with the gelatine powder.  Let it sit until softened.  Take out another 3 tablespoons of milk to combine with coffee powder.  Set aside.

2.  Use a saucepan to heat the remaining milk, whipping cream, sugar and salt over medium heat until sugar dissolved.  Stir in the gelatine.  Make sure to dissolve it completely.

3.  Remove from heat.  Pour in the coffee mixture and stir to combine well.  Drain through a fine sieve.  Pour into the cups or jars.  Let them sit for 30 minutes or until two layers are formed.  Chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours.  Serve with shaved milk chocolate bar (or chocolate rice) on top with cherries.

Note :

1)  The two layers formed themselves after leaving for 30 minutes before chilling.
2)  If the coffee powder is too fine, you can hardly get layers.  Try to get the ones with coarse granules.
3)  If you don't want two layers, you can transfer the panna cotta into the fridge once they cool down a bit.

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