Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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Ingredients :

100  gm  purple sweet potato puree
1-2  tsp  lemon juice
60  gm  coconut milk
4  egg  yolks  (I used grade A)
30  gm  caster sugar
1/3  tsp  salt
50  gm  cooking oil
75  gm  cake flour
2  tbsp  fresh milk  (optional)

5  egg  whites (grade A)
50  gm  caster sugar
1/4  tsp  cream of tartar

Directions :

1.  Boil sweet potato with skin intact till soft.  Remove skin, mash and strain through a sieve to get 100 gm of puree.  (I did not sieve but just mash it till fine).

2.  Add lemon juice and mix well, see the deep red it change.  Add coconut milk and mix well.

3.  In a separate bowl, beat egg yolks, salt and sugar till light and fluffy.  Then add the oil, mix well.

4.  Add in sweet potato puree in 3 batches and whisk till all dissolve.

5.  Add in sifted flour and fold gently till no trace of flour.  If batter is very lumpy, add the 2 tablespoons of optional milk.  Set aside.

6.  Beat egg whites till frothy, add cream of tartar.  Keep beating and add sugar (50 gm) in 3 batches till firm peak forms.

7.  Add 1/3 of meringue to yolk batter to lighten it.  Pour yolk batter back into meringue and fold gently with spatula till evenly mixed.

8.  Pour at a height into a 7 inch ungreased chiffon pan, (I used a 8 inch chiffon pan).  Tap a few times on counter top.  Bake at 165'C for about 30 minutes till skewer inserted comes out clean.  Actual time depends on your oven.  Invert to cool completely before unmoulding...

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